Negotiating Actor's Agreements

What is the most important element in your film to landing a distributor? The script? The director? Probably not. For many distributors, the choice of one film over another often comes down to whether your film features an actor that audiences recognize. Actors’ performances breathe life into a film, and their fame gives a film its marketing power.

Because performers realize the hold they have over a film project, negotiating the performer’s services agreement can be a nail-biting experience. Virtually every recognizable performer has a team of agents, managers, and attorneys ready to protect the actor’s interests and negotiate the best deal they can for their client. For producers, knowing how to negotiate an actor’s contract is critical for the success of their films.

This course will show you how to negotiate an actor’s services agreement, provide an overview of dealing with SAG-AFTRA, and even give you a few tips and tricks on dealing with actors’ agents and managers.

Testimonials for Thomas' previous webinar: "One of the best yet! All are informative and I have learned from each, but this one topped the charts. Definitely want him back. Thanks!" J. Rose

What You'll Learn:

  • Negotiating with agents, managers, and other actor’s representatives
    • Negotiating with agents is often compared to “swimming with sharks.”
    • We’ll discuss some techniques to help you build a shark cage for your negotiations.
  • Becoming a signatory with SAG-AFTRA
    • Signing your production up with the SAG-AFTRA performer’s union is not as difficult as you might think.
    • We will demystify the process and discuss which union contract is right for your production
  • The key elements of an Actor Services Agreement
    • We will discuss the important elements of actor’s contracts including:
    • work for hire clauses
    • engagement
    • options for future services
    • publicity
    • compensation
    • net profits
    • a host of other critical provisions.
  • We will even discuss letters of intent (LOIs) and why they may not be as useful as you might think.

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